Monday, 19 May 2014

The Wagon Wheel, Grimley

Hash 308
Date: Thursday 15th May 2014
Pub: The Wagon Wheel, Grimley
Beers: Doom Bar
Food: Lasagne, chips & salad
Hare: Copulation
Visitors/virgins: none
Trail: Copulation's Challenge Crossdresser!

We're late! Three of us left kidderminster at 18.57 to the tune of "we won't be late, we never leave on time anyway." There were numerous text messages & phonecalls along the way and we arrived at the pub very late under a very tense cloud. There was barely time for Cleopatra to change out of her ballet pumps, let alone have a wee!
We followed instructions rather than flour, taking us out of the car park, turning right then left down the side of a house, across a field and towards the quarry. There was a bridge taking us over the conveyor belt plus warnings of klaxons.
Crossdresser wanted to go right, Cleopatra thought she heard everyone straight ahead whilst I was enjoying the view - I had no idea there was a quarry here! Crossdresser got 
back on the phone and we got back on track, finally catching up after a long incline.

Through Top Barn where we overtook Shag & Tits or Treats, who we're too busy to notice. Up the path & to the 1st HH, complete with sweets - well done!
Shag was confused about who was car sharing with who, Wrong was planking & Dr Jeckyll still wasn't very happy with the horn.
Down the lane, over the main road and into some fields where Bristols and Say No More were way out ahead, Golden Shower was without his 4 legged friend and Shirley was holding off an asthma attack.
There seemed to be a scuffle in a little alleyway with Demon Dog, another dog & Bushwacker but that was solved by following another path.
Down through a paddock and into the woods where the group were split and some serious off roading was required to get back on track.
HH2 was in a picturesque woodland with more sweets, more planking and some spanking from Tits or Treats.
Upwards across more grassy fields where the FRBs were told to wait back. There was more planking, including communal planking, some goading from the yoofs and Shag found one of Crossdressers lost balls.
At the 3rd HH we were treated to beers, juice & sweets. Sprout was led astray by his dad whilst Darth Radar lay low getting under people's feet.
All gassy with beer, Doggy Fashion and the Pro were heard talking about foreign bodies when Cinderella came to the rescue with helpful advice.
I'm not sure if the yoofs had any beer but they did become a little lively and there seemed to be some restraining going on down by the river.
Copulation was cow-whispering from afar (and above) as the herd looked on. Demon Dog was shooed back to his owner in fear and we safely exited that field.
A strange gated path between the lakes saw us take an extended loop away from and back to the on inn for the largest and hottest portion of lasagne ever!
Down downs: awarded by Crossdresser to Copulation for the best hash ever, however missing the first quarter of it meant he'd been a seething ball of anger since 6.55pm. Thankfully, he got over it but awarded Cleopatra for over-promising but under-delivering; Cyclopath for her‪#‎happydays‬; Tits or Treats for her Blue Peter (Rainbow) sense of style and finally to Leg Over, our very own half iron man - not that we'd known - there were T-shirts, medals and only about 14,000 photos on Facebook!
Hot Lips x
Next week: somewhere in Bromsgrove...
(Crossdresser must be having another technical hitch)

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