Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Royal Forester AGM Hash

Hash 306

Date: Thursday 1st May 2014
Pub: The Royal Forester
Beers: HPA
Food: chicken drumsticks/veggie curry, rice & salad
Hare: Compost, Hash Quack
Visitors/virgins: Ilse

Trail: Compost's Quacking trail

Another beautiful spring evening for 25 or so hashers and a four legged friend, Annie. Crossdresser was back with a vengeance and was seen getting amongst it on the car park with Shag; Dr Whiplash was almost caught hash flashing whilst the Pro was only slightly impressed with my storm trooper.

Trenchfoot graced us with his presence whilst Compost decided not to and was leaving Hash Quack in charge: 4 miles, 4 hash halts some flour or sawdust, now go & check it out down the hill!

A little bit of on road before taking a right down a path, for the rest of the off roader. I was more intrigued by the courage of the lone newcomer and we exchanged stories.

Through beautiful fields of gold ran Clodhopper and Sprout whilst the rest of us hung around seizing photo opportunities, awaiting the hare to show us the way... (Which she duly did!)

Through the farm & to the first HH, where doggie Annie was incensed by the wind turbine, Whiplash went to great lengths to get his picture and Crossdresser went to great lengths to try & knock him off his perch. 

A speedy downhill into the woods and some very muddy paths, where we also remembered that Hash Quack's forte is not bringing up the rear. 

Some bluebell woods and a couple of stiles later & we also realised that knowing the trail was neither her nor her family's forte either! The HH would be here, if only it wasn't over there. Oh well, perfect chance for more photos!

Compost decided to join us at the next HH, his car boot laden with refreshments. Cue more photos of the original Wyre Forest H3 and this year's AGM where Who's The Daddy was elected GM, Crossdresser was elected RA, Game Bird keeps Hash Cash, Clodhopper remains Hare Raiser and Dr Jeckyll got the horn, with immediate effect.

Hash Quack sent us off into the wilderness again; yet more bluebell woods and muddy paths - lovely! Tough Love was missing his school mistress this evening and had to make do with the nurse maid instead, whilst Cleopatra made a splash to a round of applause and the awaiting reward of sweets.

The final leg through the woods saw Tough Love get shy & Dr Jeckyll find out my secret to a good blog - ssshhh, don't tell!

Down downs: awarded by Crossdresser to:

Compost - the greatest hash ever. I love the fact that you retired to your car after sending us off....thankfully with a bootful of beer! 

Your trusty deputy. Rachel. Just the person to have. Knew the route like the back of her hand. Pity it was written on Composts hand! Olivia was about as much use as a chocolate teapot. 

Now, after we do intros and describe the route, there is now a new call after 'Check it out' and that's 'Taxi for Sheldon!' He never does a full hash these days. 

Ilsa. Our first ever Dutch runner. You're annoyingly good as well. Good job we don't vote UKiP, otherwise you'd be taking the job of a British Hasher. 

There is a new GM. A man of great intelligence. So intelligent he wasn't going to step in the puddle by the kissing gate. So stood on the gate, gracefully swung over it....and fell in the puddle!

Hot Lips x

Next week: The Talbot, Knightwick, WR6 5PH

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