Friday, 21 September 2012

: The Kings Arms, The Crown and Sands, The Wishing Well, Spice Fusion…..and half of Worcestershire


Venue: The Kings Arms, The Crown and Sands, The Old Leaking Well, Spice Fusion…..and half of Worcestershire
Food: Curry in the end
Beer: Plenty of great ale in all the pubs (which meant none for us), Cobra in Spice Fusion
Hare: Game Bird & Half a Bag
Visitors: none
Virgins: none

The hash: Was it a hash? Was it a cruel test of stamina? Was it a training run for Hash Quack. No one's entirely sure, least of all the hares. Game Bird and Half A Bag walked around for a bit the night before, doing quite a lot of chatting. Therefore, they forgot some crucial aspects of a hash, namely a trail, checks, or crosses. They did include hash halts, once every 3 or 4 miles. Long stretches along the River Severn gave hashers an opportunity to enjoy the views and wildlife………IF IT WASN'T 9'O'CLOCK AND PITCH BLACK!

The combination of distance and route confusion lead to hashers being scattered far and wide in the dark. Not even the combined lumens of Tough Love (soon to be renamed Torchy The Battery Boy) and Hard On could light up enough of the fields to keep people together. An advance party set off, without realising, to establish a bridgehead back at the pub. Unfortunately, the relentless pace of Hash Quack spat Lady Penelope out of the back, and she was desperate for a wee, which didn't help!

The fellow hashers returned over the next day or so 20 mins, although the shout of 'Anyone seen Alison?' lasted a lot longer. After another pub rejected us, we 'got ourselves a convoy' to Spice Fusion, for a thorough debrief (in Game Bird's case, literally) and a delicious curry. Most hashers were home by Friday.


Game Bird for the 'hash', which had more miles than checks , more miles than crosses and more miles than food venues (just)
Clodhopper for having 'car park agorophobia' squeezing in between two cars in an otherwise nearly empty car park. Good job Wrong wasn't there!
Crossdresser and The Saint for trying to match the pace of Hash Quack once lost, and only just living to tell the tail
Hard On for ensuring he wasn't out-shone by Torchy the Battery Boy

The other hare, Half A Bag, had already decided it was too late to hang about, so her down down is carried over….

Next weeks Hash: The Talbot, Belbroughton

Guest Blogger Cross Dresser


  1. What a great blog of a truly unique hash.

    Thanks Game Bird!

  2. Looks like we had a lucky escape from Kings Arms!


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