Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ye Olde White Harte, Kinver

# 215
Date: Thursday 6th September 2012
Pub: Ye Olde White Harte, Kinver
Beers: Banks bitter
Food: off the menu
Hare: Clodhopper
Virgins: none
Visitors: Dr Whiplash (Leamington Spa)

Trail: A fine, late summer’s evening saw about 20 hashers, 4 mini hashers and a couple of canine hashers in the picturesque Kinver.  Shag was momentarily halted in a 50 shades sort of way into the car park and had to resort to mobile distraction therapy but he was soon looking to go halves with Crossdresser on the meal deal.  A hilly and sandy one tonight around Kinver Edge.   Crossdresser left his ability to count on the Isle of Skye and called on-on along a falsie – we almost thought we’d lost him and the Amateur.  Plenty of fruity sweets to help us along the way – they certainly worked wonders for Batman & Darth Radar who remained amongst the FRBs right until the end – well done boys!  Torches required for the final furlong and a few bats encountered on the way back to the on-inn too. 

Doggy Fashion turned up for dinner and down-downs, awarding them to Clodhopper for his trail of a questionable mileage, plus finding out that he also forgot part of his own trail too, trying to send us the wrong way; Crossdresser for his poor numeracy skills; Tits or Treats for falling over Shag (misinformation as it was actually the Amateur that fell over Shag and the Pro but who really cares?); Dr Whiplash, tonight’s virgin whom we hope we haven’t put off; Wrong for LONG-cutting – that’s just SO wrong; Just Alan was named Slim Boy Fat and finally, Batman and Darth Radar for their impressive front running
Hot lips

Next week: The Lock, Wolverley

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