Saturday, 29 September 2012

Scarecrow Hash, Belbroughton

Date: Thursday 27th September
Pub: The Talbot, Belbroughton
Food: meat / veggie balti, rice & naan
Beer: Scarecrow (plus a few others)
Cocktails: Strawberry kiss
Hares: Compost, Lassie & Pole Vault
Virgins: none
Visitors: none

Trail: Another good turnout for the scarecrow hash this evening; the fancy dress efforts greatly helped by Tits or Treats’ bag of straw.  A gentle run around the village and surrounding countryside, with a beautiful sunset and almost full moon to light the way… oh wait, no, that’s Torchy the Battery Boy’s latest floodlight; used as a strobe to sabotage some of the hashers’ performance and only turned off with the threat of a shotgun! 

Down downs: Awarded by Aunt Sally to Saint for his poor scarecrow attempt leaving him looking more like a Mexican, a farting Mexican at that! Hard On for looking like the lovechild of Fireman Sam & an Oompa-Loompa but also being so deluded that he proceeded to tell his dining buddies that he was actually very much like Robbie Williams!!  Unlaced for being the best-dressed scarecrow and finally to Tits or Treats for ripping a gate off it’s hinges – the final straw!

Special mention to Hash Quack and Shag for their marathons last weekend (particularly as Shag managed to have a full English halfway round!)

  • Good luck to Crossdresser, Game Bird & Shag for their forthcoming Triathlon this weekend.
  • Also to Lassie doing the multi terrain Waseley Wobbler this Sunday.
  • Hash Quack is also trying to arrange some more swimming sessions – let her know if you’re interested.
Hot Lips x

Next week: The Bell, Pensax

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