Monday, 17 September 2012

Lock Inn, Wolverley

# 216
Date: Thursday 13th September 2012
Pub: The Lock Inn, Wolverley
Food: meat / veggie chilli & chunky chips (with spoons!!!!)
Beers: Marston’s beers, Strongbow & Thatcher’s Gold ciders
Hare: Saint
Visitors: none
Virgins: none

Crossdresser commended Copulation for his forthcoming Great North run

Trail: A distinct lack of ladies this evening but nevertheless a lovely 5-mile trail around Wolverley for just 15 hashers, 3 kids and 2 hounds.   We were lucky to find the trail at all apparently, as some kids followed Saint around kicking out the spots!  First up to the church, down through the village, across a field of horses and back down towards the village (I don’t think we were ever too far from the on-inn for this one) Down to the canal, up the 37 steps and along a narrow path where some of us missed the right trail - oops!  Down to Broadwaters park, with a lovely light show at the final halt.  Back through Springfield park, where we hope we didn’t disturb the bat watchers, finally back along the canal and to the on inn.

Doggy Fashion turned up for dinner and down downs again, awarding them to Saint, the hare; Tough Love for his newly acquired exceedingly bright headlight (earning him the name Torchy the Battery Boy); Dr Whiplash for his part in getting Tough Love, Shag, Cinderella & Hot Lips lost (not to mention him pushing Crossdresser and Shag into the stream at Springfield); Richard for getting lost before he’d even turned up; Spotted Dick for his kit contribution to the army hash (and breaking his toe!) and finally, jointly, to Hot Lips and Hard On for the three-legged incident.
Hot Lips x

Next week: The Kings Arms, Ombersley

PS  Hot Lips I’m quizzing to raise funds for Sight Concern next week so would be very grateful if someone could write the blog, many thanks x 

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