Saturday, 19 July 2014

Cleobury Mortimer Sports & Social Club

Hash 316
Date: Thursday 10th July
Venue: Cleobury Mortimer Sports & Social Club
Food: a spectacular spread courtesy of Game Bird's mum
Beers: who knows or cares, the food was amazing
Hare: Game Bird
Visitors/virgins: none
Trail: Game Bird's GB trials (& tribulations...)
Another great turn out for yet another beautiful summer evening's hash. There were numerous fluorescent orange t-shirts, plenty of blue & green WFH3 t-shirts and an abundance of our four-legged friends too.
Game Bird had set the trail but it became evident she had recruited help from her fellow GB team mate Hash Quack and also from Bubbles who seemed to be on a busman's holiday rather than employing any coaching duties. Once some sort of order had been called and we had been briefed, we were sent off to check it out.
Bristols and Say No More were spotted dashing energetically way out across the first field only to be called back to the pack, whilst Dr Jeckyll appeared to be running the trail backwards.
The local dog walkers were both confused and bemused by the sight of such a rabble, although they all waited patiently for us to pass by.
Shirley and I were content to trot on gently in this heat, whilst the usual FRBs sprinted on ahead.
Bubbles tried (successfully I might add) to put us off the scent of the trail and we duly followed (on more than one occasion!) The Amateur had thought our hash had been sabotaged at one point, only to realise that our legs were being pulled. Hash Quack seemed to be enjoying her unusual rear position, whilst Bubbles couldn't help but create chaos & confusion and he was loving it!
Half of the hash climbed to the top of one rather large hill only to be called back down again. Instant Whip still ran the wrong way up the hill but this was just to be reunited with her lover boy.
The 1st HH promised a dip in the water but most of us found the high & dry path. Shag and Cinderella made a bit of a splash but Annie dog was the only one who took full advantage of the aqua event, whilst the rest of us waited for the contents of the rucksack to be shared. The fruit pastilles were shared out & the chocolate eclairs were distributed by Dr Whiplash in an unusual fashion.
Our elite GB athletes remained in control at the back whilst some prompting was required to keep the rest of the hash moving. The Amateur, Dr Jeckyll & Golden Shower did actually keep moving but the rest of us seemed to have planned a summer evening dawdle!
Clodhopper had his hands on the chocolates at the next hash halt, Wrong was caught watering the plants, whilst Bushwacker was looking forward to his birthday booze...
The final bit of the beautiful countryside was hashed before appearing back out onto the road: Doggy Fashion says she loves it when she know where she is! HH3 and some more chocolates & Tangfastics amongst the floral display before heading back to the on inn. The best hash ever, tonight, followed by the best hash nosh too!
Down downs: awarded by Shag to Game Bird for her wonderful hash; Game Bird's mum for her fantastic food, plus an honourary naming for her: Mrs Kipling; down downs & happy birthdays were sung to Tits or Treats, who doesn't always come to run but certainly comes for a cake (especially that cake!); and also to Bushwacker for his coming of age; Dr Jeckyll for finding the on in far too soon & finally to Well Laid for sitting on the fence.
Hot Lips x
Next week: Lay by on B455, close to Severn Valley Railway bridge, coming out of Bridgnorth WV16 6AU
(Postcode is nearest only)
Prompt start required, then afterwards at the Swan Inn, KnowleSands
Please let Well Laid know your menu choices ASAP, thanks!

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