Saturday, 19 July 2014

Waggon & Horses, Bewdley

Hash 315
Date: Thursday 3rd July 2014
Pub: Waggon & Horses, Bewdley
Beers: Bathams bitter, Robinsons cider
Food: Chicken/veggie curry, rice, naan, poppadum & birthday cake
Hare: Hotlips
Visitors/virgins: none
Trail: DF's 40th summer hashing
(To the tune of Grease's Summer Loving...)
Summer running, out on the hash
Annie's birthday, having a blast
Had a girl, she was forty
Had a hare, she was feisty
Summer days, hashing away
Ooh ah, those summer nights
A-wella wella wella ooh
We're on on, we're on on
Did we run very far?
We're on on, we're on on
With our windmills, not cars
Hash Halt 1, we had some games
Musical laps, you know the names
We had fun, larking around
We had sweets, shared them around
Hashing fun, something's begun
Ooh ah, those summer nights
Hash Halt 2, some Pimms & more fun
With a blindfold, she had to guess "who's bum?"
Out of 5, she got 1 right
She was impressed, one's really tight
Hashing games, someone's to blame
Ooh ah, those hashing nights
Hash Halt 3, this time with balls
The winner is the first one to fall
Check it out, stop hanging around
Keep on on 'til the next one is found
Summer heat, out on our feet
Ooh ah, those summer nights
Hash Halt 4, the line & the sweets
Not really sure that this one's a treat!
I s'pose we were near Devil's Spittleful
DF gets a shocking mouthful!
Summer fun, something's been done
Ooh ah, those summer nights
Hash Halt 5, with sweets & with beers
Dead or Alive? And lots of cheers!
A group photo at the end of the game
Underneath the Safari Park's name
Summer days, hashing away
Ooh ah, those summer nights
Woa woa woa...
Now it's time, that's where it ends
This birthday hash with wonderful friends
Then we made our final flee
To the on inn to have our tea
Summer dreams, ripped at the seams
Oh oh, those summer nights
Let's play more, let's play more
Hot Lips x
Down downs: awarded by Crossdresser to the birthday girl: Happy 40th DF! The hare, Hot Lips, for listening to Crossdresser's advice resulting in the best hash ever; Shag for his mediocre games; Ilse for not fully participating in tonight's windmill theme despite being our only Dutch girl; Say No More for thinking Ilse lived in a windmill(!); Dr Jeckyll for his entertaining dancing at DF's party (despite the satellite delay); and finally to Genital Reminder for being the typical Sheldon alpha male & having a little horn.

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