Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Eagle & Spur, Cookley

Hash 324
Date: Thursday 4th September 2014
Pub: Eagle & Spur, Cookley
Beers: Two Hoots, Brains, Eagle, Symonds cider
Food: chicken/veggie curry, rice & poppadums
Hares: Hot Lips, Dr Jeckyll & Sister Hyde
Visitors/virgins: none
Trail: The "I get by with a little help from my friends" hash
About 20 hashers, including 4 hashlings and a couple of hash hounds for another lovely summer's evening. There was a little confusion over numbers as not much food had been pre-ordered but the fact it was a school night helped to resolve this!
Yet another week of no GM or RA caused more panic until Early Riser stepped (was pushed) into the role. It was a bit of a joint effort as the website had to be checked for details but he seemed to cope well under the pressure.
Now, over to tonight's trail. True to form, I enlisted the help of others to help set the trail - well a girl can't be out walking along dark paths, chucking bits of flour around, on her own now can she?
Shirley agreed to come & keep me company but Dr Jeckyll had the brilliant idea of coming along too, him to lay the back half of the trail whilst we laid the first half. This saved a good 2 hours and made interesting commentary at the start. I could see that people were thinking this was going to be the worst hash ever. Anyway, here goes...
Out of 5 possible routes at the start, everyone went the wrong way! Clodhopper and Lassie went one way, the Amateur & Bushwacker went another, In The Bush & Golden Shower went another whilst Shirley & I just waited and laughed. Dr Jeckyll said we really shouldn't be giving away clues so early on in the proceedings but it was almost necessary.
And so, along Lea Lane, past the sports & social club, Early Riser & Lassie were spotted checking out routes without checks, whilst Dr Jeckyll was complaining of a lack of flour. Not so, Clodhopper's puppy had chosen to relieve himself on one of the spots (well, that's our excuse & we're sticking to it).
A little further along and we cut back on ourselves along the canal side. Clodhopper reckoned he knew his way around these paths, his excuse for going off trail was to rescue Lassie. Windy Miller and Thing 2 were running well and glad not to be at the back, whilst Up Front & Just Will were obviously way on ahead.
Shirley and I lost our own trail at one point but this was for the better as we shortcutted to the upper path with the hashlings and removed the possibility of falling in the cut! We also caught up with the rest of the pack who had negotiated the narrow lower path and were now checking out falsies again.
A troll was waiting for us as we crossed the bridge, grabbing the ankles of hashlings and frightening one of the hares. Along the tow path, turning left before the next tunnel and up to HH1 at the steel works' fire assembly point. Sweets were shared, stories were told and Bushwacker just had to be king of the castle.
On on again, back up to the main road, In The Bush and a couple of others checked right but we were heading left down the hill, meaning he was at the back for once! Not for long though.
Over the river, round the bend and another check taking us up Kinver Lane. Shag was a little preoccupied by some coupling exercise, whilst Cinderella was having a bit of trouble with Jasper.
HH2 with some liquid refreshments that were hidden by the Hydes, before sending them to check out the falsie. Some fell for it, then we headed off, away from the road and into the field. This was Dr Jeckyll's part of the trail & he seemed very pleased with himself as more hashers succumbed to yet more falsies.
Down to The Anchor, where the locals, enjoying a few beers on this warm evening, gave us plodders at the back the right directions. A few paths later and we found ourselves at the very picturesque HH3 on a bridge over the River Stour. Windy Miller tried to create an early Halloween scene and everyone else with torches now needed to check their batteries were working.
Dr Jeckyll was chuckling to himself as the hashers followed yet another falsie, oh how they all groaned! He was a little disappointed that they missed the next falsie & actually picked up the right trail. Luckily, he was easily consoled.
Another falsie saw the group very split and the false trailers seemed almost reluctant to come back on track. Maybe this was because Up Front & her family had now managed to secure their places at the rear? Maybe the galloping horses in the field at the side of us were just too distracting.
Nettle alley next & Cinderella was hopping around trying to avoid the impossible by not getting stung. I believe it is around here that Shirley tried to break away from the hash but was spotted and had to return dancing.
Back onto the estate, yet more falsies (never have we seen so many towards the end of a hash!) and finally, the on inn was in sight. The hottest (but very nice) curry we've ever had & the welcome return of a chauffeur-driven Crossdresser, who politely grimaced through each & every hug he got!
Down downs: awarded in person this week by Crossdresser to:
Hot Lips for the best hash ever plus enlisting others to either help out (or bail her out of) laying it
Dr Jeckyll for his part in laying the second half of the trail with some excellent & unexpected falsies
Shirley for helping out too, plus having too many down downs last week, plus trying to nip off without being followed - not a good move when you're one of the hares!
Early Riser for stepping in to make his debut as GM, his virgin run if you like
In The Bush for turning up to a hash on his own, absolutely no other Ward family members to look out for him (most of them with other performance athletes in Canada)
Finally to Slimboy Fat, our very own finely tuned performance athlete who is off to do the Wolf Run on Saturday and has bought new shoes for the occasion - good luck mate!
Hot Lips x
Next week: Holt Castle, Holt Heath, WR6 6NJ
Medieval Fancy Dress, party til 11pm

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