Saturday, 20 September 2014

Ye Olde White Harte, Kinver

Date: Thursday 18th September
Venue: Ye Olde White Harte, Kinver
Food: Off the menu
Beers: yes
Hare: Clodhopper👞
Visitors/virgins: Bubbles' big mate?👤
We gathered in the car park...dying to meet Bubbles' mysterious mate... but neither turned up. Cleopatra🔺and Legover tried to take obscene photos 🍑 with Shag's phone. A poorly Dr Whiplash came to see us off. Clodhopper told us about the trail he laid without Cinderella while Tits or Treats 🍬did some yoga🙅. Just a normal Thursday night really.
It was flour and you're on and the trail immediately took us up the biggest hill 🌁 the hare 🐇could find. Legover had a wee  to lighten the load. Some of us developed altitude sickness with the lack of oxygen .
We suddenly found ourselves in that field where we had that picnic not so long ago before climbing up another brambly hill to the first hash halt.
Who's the Daddy soon got us moving again and Shag🔧told us about his ideas for fancy dress and games for the hash weekend🍌.
Maybe that was why we were all so hot and sweaty...or maybe it was because it was unseasonably warm🌋. A second hash halt came just in time and the tropical Caprisuns🍍were v. popular.
There were lots of twists and turns ↩↪ in true Clodhopper stylie...we thought we were nearly there but then found ourselves running in the opposite direction to the pub through a field of crazy youths 👬👭 and then some scared horses .
Back at the on inn we found Bubbles and his 'mate', who was actually our very own Crossdresser.
Dr Whiplash and Emma Game Bird and Compost also joined us.
Bushwhacker🎮 got IDed at the bar and Cinderella was disappointed when she wasn't...
Down downs:
Crossdresser only accepted written nominations for down downs. I found it very confusing because people were given them and they all gave them to someone else to drink:
Shag - not sure why? Shortcutting?
Clodhopper - we voted for whether it was the best, worst, or just 'Whiplash mediocre'. It was the best!
Cinderella - for going to uni📚.
Hash Quack and Game Birdfor being GB 🇬🇧 athletes.
Tits or Treats - for her bizarre stretches.
Bubbles - for being Crossdresser's mate and agreeing on the Scotland 🇬🇧 issue.
Say No More🙆 announced the forthcoming Hash Weekend on 17th/18th January 2015👍.
Next week: venue TBC

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